Brexit contingency plans

We took part in a great discussion at the Penny Hill Park Hotel in Bagshot this morning. We talked about what contingency plans small businesses should be making for Brexit (especially a no-deal one).

Key points:

Ensure any EU workers you want to retain get “settled status”. For more information, seeĀ

Think about the impact on your customers’ customers. You may think you’re a local business immune to Brexit. However, if your customers suffer an impact, that may affect how much they use YOUR services.

We also heard from an employment lawyer. They claim to have seen a dramatic increase in race/nationality harassment issues in the workplace. Make sure that, whatever your political beliefs, your workplace remains a tolerant, welcoming and harassment free environment.

We also recommend that you check out the Brexit Checklist from the British Chambers of Commerce.

If you have any concerns over how Brexit (however it resolves) may affect your workforce, get in touch!