Employee Relationship Management

We specialise in difficult and sensitive HR situations with your employees. We help you balance the needs of the business with the needs of the individual. This is important because the relationship you have with your employees directly affects their perceptions, behaviour and motivation. This, in turn, affects your business performance!

We understand that productivity is crucial to your business, especially for small and medium enterprises. Therefore, while you may understand HR is important, we recognise that your immediate priorities are your business goals. We can help align your HR and employee relationship management with your business strategy.

This can range from proactively discussing your ideas for change and growth, reviewing practices and policies, through to helping to resolve disputes, grievances and disciplinary issues.

A proactive approach to employee relations

The business environment is always subject to change. Whether your business is growing, acquiring, restructuring or downsizing, there will be an impact on your people. We can help you develop a rational change management strategy that aligns your business goals with your employee relations.

Or perhaps you have a situation developing with an employee and you want advice on how to handle it. Employment law and HR best practices continually evolve, so we can help you approach potential conflicts in a correct and compliant manner.  We can also review your policies and practices to ensure you’re up to date, identify areas for improvement, or simply discuss any concerns that you have.

Managing and resolving employee issues

Even with the best plans and preparation, there will occasionally be issues to deal with. An employee may raise a formal complaint (a grievance). There may be a disciplinary issue to deal with. You may have an issue with a member of staff frequently taking time off sick. Or maybe you have a productivity or behaviour issue on your hands and need advice on how to handle it.

When a situation does arise, we can manage it in a professional and impartial manner. If an investigation is required, we can help you conduct one that is fair, balanced and Acas-compliant. Because we can identify any areas of risk or exposure within a situation, we can help protect your business if the issue goes to an Employment Tribunal. If necessary, we can refer you to an independent employment law adviser for assistance.

Whatever the situation, our mission is to contain and resolve the matter in a way that’s fair to the employee but also fair to your business.

Remedial action, review and training

There’s no shame in making mistakes, only in not learning from them. Once a situation is resolved, we will review how it developed in partnership with you. We will help you identify any appropriate remedial action. For example, a policy review, staff training or approaches to earlier intervention.

In our experience, management behaviour often affects how employee issues develop. It can be tempting for leaders, especially those in small to medium sized businesses with no dedicated HR function, to handle an issue using “common sense, experience and intuition”. However, these are all vulnerable to cognitive biases or simply not knowing the correct way to handle the issue. For example, many complaints are upheld not because a manager had any ill intent, but because they did not follow the correct process.

If in doubt, don’t shoot from the hip! Contact us for advice on how best to proceed.
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