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We do the casework, you stay strategic

Many corporate HR Business Partners grumble that they struggle to focus on strategic HR activities because they're overloaded with employee casework (grievances, disciplinary matters, performance issues, etc.).

Well, casework is our speciality! We can help your HR team manage their casework, so that your HR Business Partners (HRBPs) can add value with more strategic work. By lightening their casework burden, you can improve their job satisfaction, fulfilment in the role and you open up more scope for their career development.

We already support in-house HR teams in large enterprises with their ER workload, and we can help you too!

How it works

When a grievance is raised or a disciplinary process initiated, you will typically assign one of your HRBPs to manage it. Often, this will be the HRBP responsible for whichever line of business has the problem.

While your HRBP will retain overall ownership and responsibility, we can take on the work of liaising with the individuals, conducting investigations and delivering outcomes.

We will work in partnership with your HRBP as their "safe pair of hands" to handle the casework, while they still retain overall responsibility and supervision.

We can work on a case-by-case basis or, if you prefer, we can agree a dedicated number of hours per week or month over a fixed term.

We're fully insured with £1 million of professional liability cover.

Let us help ease the casework burden on your HR team, so that they can offer more strategic value to your business.

HRBP Feedback

Here are some examples of what existing HRBPs in large corporate environments have said about us:

As a Senior HRBP for a major Technology multinational, I have, on several occasions, requested support from Jim at Hamilton Nash when an employee has raised a Grievance either against a process, their manager or the company.

Jim has acted in the capacity of the “independent manager” to hear and investigate the employees’ grievance in an unbiased way. During these sessions, I have found Jim to be a thorough investigator and sensitive to the employee’s situation whilst maintaining a professional and balanced approach throughout the investigation.

Jim is incredibly diligent in his approach to the situation, ensuring he completely understands the Grievance plus understanding the relevant policies and processes available during this time. His experience and knowledge have enabled him to approach each situation in a considered and informed manner.

Jim has had to feedback both positive and negative outcomes to the individuals and in every case has done so with the utmost professionalism.

I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for Jim’s support again, should the situation arise.
I have worked with Jim on a number of occasions in his capacity as an Independent Hearing Manager for internal grievances at our Company.

Each time Jim has been thorough, diligent and has tackled often highly sensitive and complicated cases with a confident and a pragmatic approach. He ensures he builds rapport with stakeholders easily, by demonstrating empathy and fairness and has a deep understanding of the issue at hand.

The quality of his report and findings are always meticulous, objective and astute; with sound recommendations for possible resolution. I would not hesitate in recommending Jim as an Investigator in difficult employee relations cases, he is very highly regarded within our HR function.

If you would like to discuss how we can support your HR team, please get in touch.

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