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Training for People Managers

Onsite or online, instructor-led courses

Support your people managers with our training, designed to help those with direct reports manage effectively. We provide both in-person and online options.

Managing people is hard. Managers have to deal with diverse personalities and people issues, often with little or no training.

Our training courses are modular, and designed for both new and experienced managers. We cover everything from managing performance and managing within the law, through to grievance & disciplinary procedures, flexible working and managing conflict.

People Manager Training

Training Costs

£960 delivered in person
Delivered on your premises
Up to 25 delegates.
Duration: 1 day (7 to 8 hours)
Prices exclude VAT & travel *
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This is dedicated, on-site training session intended for new or experienced people managers and covers the following areas:

  1. Managing within the Law / Employment Law
  2. Managing Performance
  3. Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures
  4. Managing Flexible Working

This session is delivered by our lead investigator and managing partner, Jim Moore.

Attendees will be guided through each section and the session includes some practical scenario-based exercises. The contents can tailored from our syllabus to suit your requirements.

This training session lasts approximately 7 to 8 hours on average.

* Travel costs will be chargeable for venues more than 2 hours away or requiring an overnight stay

Internal Investigator Training

Many businesses use managers within the company to act as 'internal investigators' for grievances and disciplinary matters.

Carrying out effective investigations is a skilled job. We are experts at workplace investigations, and we can help train your managers in the art of carrying out investigations that are thorough, fair and impartial.

Training Options

£480 delivered online
£768 delivered in person
Deliverable online or onsite
Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Prices exclude VAT
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We offer a dedicated training session on conducting grievance & disciplinary investigations. We recommend this course for training managers to be internal investigators.

This session is delivered by our lead investigator and managing partner, Jim Moore.

Attendees will go through the workplace investigation process in detail and the session includes some practical scenario-based exercises.

We can deliver this session online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or we can deliver the training in-person on your premises (travel expenses charged at cost).

This training session lasts between 4 and 5 hours on average.

Modular Online Training

For remote teams or where a flexible training schedule is required, we can deliver sessions online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Each session lasts up to approximately 90 minutes, allowing attendees to fit it around their work without losing an entire day.

Training Prices

£240 per module
£1,344 for the full series
Delivered via Zoom or Teams
Sessions up to 90 minutes
Prices exclude VAT
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Online, instructor led training for groups of up to 12

Our online training is easy to arrange and deliver over either Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Pick and choose the modules you want from our syllabus at £240 + VAT per module.

Alternatively, get the full series of all 7 modules for £1,344 + VAT (£192 per module).

If you need any customisation of the training materials, or the development of a new topic, we can do this for you. Contact us for a quote!

Training Syllabus

Here is the list of training topics that we cover. These can be delivered as individual modules online, or combined for delivery in person at your premises.

1 - Good Manager / Bad Manager

We all want to be a good manager, but most of us have encountered a bad one at some time or other. How does that happen? This session explores some of the challenges faced by people managers, including factors that can affect how you are perceived.

Topics included in this module are:

  • Common management belief systems
  • How people may interpret manager behaviours
  • Managing perceptions
  • The importance of early intervention

2 - Managing Performance

It's important to set goals and objectives for individuals, ensure expectations are aligned and conduct fair performance appraisals. Sometimes, it may be necessary to manage underperformance.

Topics included in this module are:

  • The definition & purpose of a performance management system
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Defining goals & SMART objectives
  • Reviewing progress & providing feedback
  • Performance appraisals
  • Performance improvement plans

3 - Grievances & Disciplinary Issues

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes necessary to deal with a formal complaint, or manage a performance or conduct issue.

Although grievance and disciplinary processes are typically supervised by an HR practitioner, it can be helpful for people managers to understand what's involved. We can also help prepare managers to serve as investigating offers.

Topics included in this module are:

  • An introduction and relationship with the Acas code of practice
  • A step-by-step review of the process
  • Conducting investigations
  • The role of emotions & sense making
  • Writing outcome letters
  • Appeals
  • Protected conversations, settlements and legal processes

4 - Introduction to Conflict Psychology

If we’re all intelligent, reasonable, and rational people, why do we argue? What are the common causes of conflict?

In this session, we will introduce some of the common cognitive biases behind all conflicts, great and small. We’ll present the “conflict staircase” model for how conflict escalates and introduce some conflict management basics.

Topics included in this module are:

  • The cognitive biases that fuel conflict
  • How and why conflicts escalate
  • Basic conflict management & reframing techniques
  • Tips that may help avoid future conflicts

5 - Recruitment & Selection

Hiring takes time, money, and effort. These costs aren’t just in the hiring process, but the new hire ramp up time too. Attracting and retaining top talent is incredibly important.

This module sets out the fundamental structure of a fair recruitment & selection process. We will touch on evaluation techniques and look at the various pitfalls that could expose the business

Topics included in this module are:

  • A start to finish overview of the recruitment & selection process
  • Conditional offers and what constitutes a contract
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Job specifications & role descriptions
  • Following a fair process and avoiding discrimination

6 - Discrimination & Diversity

Everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect at work, even if people disagree or have different belief systems and viewpoints.

This module covers the thorny topic of discrimination, harassment and things that adversely affect diversity in the workplace.

Topics included in this module are:

  • Protected characteristics & direct vs indirect discrimination
  • Banter, intent, and the definition of harassment
  • Supporting & encouraging diversity
  • Vicarious liability and your responsibilities

7 - Family Rights & Flexible Working

There has been an increased focus on work/life balance, especially after the changes in remote vs office-based work since Covid. Workers also have a right to apply for a flexible working arrangement.

In this module, we look at the various ways to help staff balance work vs family life, as well as what rights they have, and where those rights stop.

Topics included in this module are:

  • Statutory family leave: maternity, paternity, shared parental leave
  • Flexible working requests
  • Absence for dependants, e.g., emergencies, “snow days”, etc.
  • Tips for managing remote/flexible workers

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