• Grievance Hearing

    Clarity & Impartiality

    We specialise in helping businesses with difficult or sensitive employee relations issues; e.g. grievances, disciplinary issues and restructuring,

  • Rational Approach

    Our rational, structured approach to workplace investigations brings objective clarity to situations and ensures fair & balanced outcomes.

  • Redundancies

    We help businesses plan and implement redundancies and restructuring. We can advise on the process, selecting and consulting employees.

  • Employee Relations

    Employee relations affect business performance. When managing change or conflict, early intervention increases the probability of a positive outcome.

We specialise in helping employers manage difficult and sensitive HR situations. Examples of situations we can help with include:

All of the above are covered by our fully Acas-compliant employee relations service.

We can help your business to improve and maintain employee relations and engagement. This has a direct relationship to performance and productivity, which in turn affects profitability. You can consult with us on employee concerns or to proactively review proposed changes you wish to make in the business, to maintain a positive relationship with your workforce.

We can also manage current situations through to resolution for you, always mindful of mitigating risk and exposure to your business. Should any conflicts arise, we can provide professional and impartial assistance.

We're based Wokingham, in the south east of England covering London, the Thames Valley and surrounding areas. Read more about our services or contact us for a free, no obligation discussion about how we can help you.