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Employee Relationship Management

Helping you up when the chips are down

We are more than HR consultants, we’re HR problem solvers. We provide fast, effective relief from the heartburn of people problems.

We specialise in dealing with difficult, sensitive or uncomfortable issues, whether it's a current problem, or something you can see on the horizon. For example, we’ve assisted with contract changes, performance problems, grievances, disciplinary issues, employing ex-offenders, and so on.

We help you balance the needs of your business with the needs of your workforce. This is important because the relationship you have with your employees directly affects their perceptions, behaviour and motivation. This, in turn, affects your business performance.

Grievances & Disciplinary Issues

HR manager listening to employee in meeting

We are experts with managing employee grievances, disciplinary problems, and the associated investigations.

We can also support you with handling any appeals against the outcome of a previous grievance or disciplinary process.

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Workplace Mediation

An image showing a mediation session in progress

Mediation is far more effective than a grievances at resolving workplace conflicts. Grievances result in decisions on who is right or wrong, whereas mediation focuses more on resolving differences and reconciling working relationships

A mediation typically takes just one or two days, whereas a grievance can take a week or more to deal with.

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HR & Employment Law Advice

We provide pragmatic and legally robust advice on HR & employment law matters. We can help you reduce your risk and legal exposure when dealing with a situation.

We can also provide legal advice and representation with settlement agreements and support you with Employment Tribunal proceedings.

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HR Casework

Many HR Business Partners struggle to find time for strategic HR activities due to a high volume of employee relations casework.

We can take the strain and manage their casework, boosting their morale and allowing them to add more value to your business.

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Online Training

We provide online training for current or prospective people managers. We cover management best practices, performance, recruiting, managing conflict, grievances and more.

Prepare your management team and help reduce risk with our online, instructor-led sessions.

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Redundancies & Restructuring

Sometimes, changes in the business environment mean that you have to restructure your workforce.

We'll support you through this difficult process, and ensure you implement a fair and legally robust procedure.

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Performance Management

An employee playing games and relaxing while working from home.

It's important to feel confident that you're getting the best out of your people. Occasionally, concerns can arise, especially in this new age of remote working.

If you have someone who apparently can't or won't meet expectations, we can help you resolve the situation in an Acas-compliant manner.

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If you need assistance with a current situation, or if you sense something brewing and want advice, get in touch with us. We will give you pragmatic advice on how to reach a satisfactory outcome.

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